Planning and development

Video: What happens if a planning permit or scheme is breached?

Business and Industrial Development

If you are planning to start a new business, change an existing business, operate a business from home or construct, or extend a commercial or industrial building check if you need to obtain a planning permit before commencing.

Future Darebin

Find the latest urban planning projects and proposed amendments to the Darebin Planning Scheme; access the adopted strategies and reference documents; and have your say on the future of Darebin.

Residential Development

If you are planning to construct or extend a house, build multiple dwellings on a property, or subdivide land you need to check if a planning permit is required and the building permits and regulations applicable before commencing.

What is going on?

You can search for planning permit applications online, comment on a proposed application in your neighbourhood before the decision is made to issue a planning permit.

Zoning and Policies

Find the planning zone and overlays that affect your property; obtain planning information about your property including heritage; and access Darebin Planning Scheme reference documents.