Planning and development

On this page you will find information on the planning process, including how to lodge a planning application and how to view the planning register, as well as Darebin’s urban planning projects and proposed amendments to the Darebin Planning Scheme.

During the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, Darebin's planning officers have had to adjust the way they operate. Please click here for more information on planning services during the pandemic.

For more information on residential development regulations and how to obtain a building permit, please click here.

Strategic Planning

Find the latest urban planning projects and proposed amendments to the Darebin Planning Scheme, and access key planning strategies and plans.

Common Application Types

If you are planning to operate a business from home, construct, extend or subdivide a residential building check if you need to obtain a planning permit before commencing.

Design Excellence

We are developing a Darebin Design Excellence program that will help deliver higher standards of architectural design by setting clear expectations and providing clarity to the design industry.


This page has information on the development process in Darebin, from planning through to building.


Darebin has a rich cultural history which is reflected in many sites, areas and landscapes across the municipality. Heritage features are important touchstones in the community because they tell a story of the past and bring new meaning and possibility to the future.

Video: What are planning permits and when they are needed.