Nature Strips and Street Trees

Most residents will have a nature strip which is the land between the road-side kerb and footpath or property boundary. This land will often contain a street tree and services such as water and gas.

Taking care of your nature strip and what to do if you wish to plant on your nature strip.

Mowing and Maintaining Nature Strips
Residents are required to mow the nature strip in front of their property. Residents are encouraged to water newly planted street trees in accordance with any water restrictions.

Nature Strip Planting 
Are you considering replacing a plant on your nature strip? We are happy to work with you to replace the plantings. 

Nature Strip Planting Guidelines have been established to guide nature strip planting.
  1. Complete a Nature Strip Planting Application Form
  2. Submit via email, post or in-person to any Customer Service Centre.
You will be contacted to confirm if your application has been successful.

Submit your Application via post or email: 

Mail to:
Public Realm
PO Box 91

Further Information:
Public Realm
Phone: 8470 8888

Street trees are vital to the urban character of our neighbourhood, including trees in our parks. We can advise you on tree plantings, and arrange damaged or diseased trees to be inspected.

Individual tree planting occurs every year. Residents who require a tree for their nature strip should contact us.

If you are enquiring about the maintenance of street trees or tree maintenance in parks you should also contact us.

Damaged Street Trees
Have you noticed a damaged, dead or diseased tree on your neighbourhood or in a local park?

  1. Advise us of the location of the tree.
  2. We will arrange for an arborist to inspect the tree within the next 5 working days.
  3. If you are a resident, a card will be left in your letter box advising you when and what action is to be taken.

Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888

Watering Street Trees
Under the Yarra Valley Water Drought Response Plan, street tree watering with a mobile watertanker has exemption under every stage of water restrictions. Darebin has obtained the relevant exemption to continue the program.

Residents are encouraged to water newly planted street trees in accordance with current restrictions. Mature drought tolerant trees should not require additional water unless during times of extreme drought in which case residents are advised to use grey water.