City of Darebin is home to people from over 153 countries who speak 148 different languages. About one third of us were born overseas and for close to half of us, both our parents were born overseas. Council is committed to ensuring our services and programs meet the needs of our culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) residents.
We provide an interpreting service for non-English speaking customers, we host a range of events from the Darebin Intercultural Centre every month, and provide a list of local organisations and businesses in the Multicultural Directory.

Council provides a free interpreting service for non-English speaking customers over the phone or in-person at any Customer Service Centre.

Residents can call the Multilingual Telephone Line and mention their preferred language and be connected to a Language Aide or an interpreter.

Residents who visit in-person at any Customer Service Centre will also be put in contact with a Language Aide or interpreter (usually over the phone)

Further Information:
Multilingual Telephone Line:
Ph: 8470 8470

Watch a short video (2 minute) about our Multilingual Telephone Line service.

Darebin Intercultural Centre is a dedicated space for intercultural development, dialogue, engagement, participation and celebration. The Centre hosts a number of events each month, from cultural programs and celebrations, to workshops, film days, forums, and panel discussions.

Find our events on: Events Listing

The Centre has meeting rooms with conference style facilities including, Wi-Fi, data projectors and screens, and a fantastic community kitchen space. Rooms are available for hire every day including evenings and on weekends for activities that meet the Centre’s booking criteria and contribute to the Centre’s purpose and vision. Please contact the Centre for more detailed information on booking this space.

The Darebin Intercultural Centre is based at the Old Preston Courthouse at 59A Roseberry Ave (Corner Kelvin Grove), Preston.

Postal Address: 
Darebin Intercultural Centre
PO Box 91, Preston VIC 3072

Further Information:
Phone: 8470 8440
Fax: 9261 4807
Multilingual Telephone Line: 8470 8470

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Video: We provide a range of multicultural services, and we also run activities from the Intercultural Centre.

The Multicultural Directory lists contact details for a range of language support services including: Arabic, Bosnian, Chinese, Croatian, Greek, Italian, Macedonian, Portuguese, Serbian, Somali, Spanish and Vietnamese.

Multicultural Directory

How to Register
Any local organisation, business or individual can register their contact details in the Darebin Community Portal. All directory listings are free of charge, however some conditions do apply.

  1. Check to see if your organisation or business is already listed, if so Complete the Edit My Listing Form.
  2. Complete the How to Register Form to add your organisation or business listing.
  3. Your registration will be reviewed by a Council Officer within 5 business days.

Council has translated frequently asked questions into 8 languages for our non-English speaking customers. Questions are available in Arabic, Chinese, Greek, Hindi, Italian, Macedonian, Soomaali and Vietnamese.

Frequently Asked Questions
Non-English speaking customers are able to access frequently asked questions which have been translated into 8 languages.

Languages available:

Further Information:
Multilingual Telephone Line:
Ph: 8470 8470