Young Adults

Our Youth Centres offer a place for young adults (aged 10-25) to access support or take part in our great programs. Decibels is a recording and rehearsal studio for those musically minded, and the Darebin Youth Hub is suited for a drop-in visit to access support and assistance while at Northland Shopping Centre.

The Hub

The Hub is a vibrant centre offering programs and services to young people (10 -25 years) who live, work, study or play in the City of Darebin.

It features a music studio equipped with the latest electronic production technology, an education space and large general purpose area with colourful break-out spaces. The colourful, open-plan fit-out also includes an ultra-modern galley kitchen.

Also within the hub are specialist services such as health practitioners, legal services, housing specialists and education and employment providers.

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Further Information:
Team Leader Programs
Ph: 8470 8013

Decibels Youth Music Centre

Provides low-cost recording and rehearsal facilities, music programs and resources for young people aged 12-25 who are looking to record, rehearse or extend their networking and knowledge of the contemporary music industry.

Current Decibels Youth Music Centre programs include FReeZA, Turn Up, Decibels Indie and ReZonate.

Decibels Youth Music Centre
Reservoir Community and Learning Centre, 23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir


Further Information:
Team Leader, Studio, Music and Arts
Ph: 8470 8005

We run a number of interesting programs for young adults aged 10-25, including homework clubs and holiday programs, music programs (Decibels Indie, FreeZA, ReZonate (Hip Hop), Recording, Rehearsal and Production opportunities) and a youth outreach program.

Homework Club

Wednesdays 5:30pm – 7:30pm (excluding School Holidays)
Reservoir Community and Learning Centre, 1
st Floor, 23 Edwardes St, Reservoir

School Holiday Program

Boys-only activities and girls-only activities for emerging
Location and activities vary each term

Further Information:
Emerging Communities Youth Officer
Ph: 0432 119 430

Decibels Indie

The initiative is a youth-led program for people aged 14 -21 who are interested in pursuing a career within the music industry. The program provides opportunities for participants to gain first-hand experience in running musical and creative ventures in a supported environment with access to experienced mentors.

Tuesdays 4pm–6pm
Decibels Youth Music Centre,  1st Floor, 23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir
Contact: Dave Williams 8470 8003 or Neil Robertson 8470 8005

Darebin FReeZA

Freeza is part of the Victorian State Government funded Freeza initiative that gives young people the opportunity to lead the planning and staging of live music and cultural events within their local communities.

As one of 80 state-wide providers, Darebin’s Freeza program also provides important performance opportunities for local musicians and emerging artists to showcase their talent through competitions such as the Victorian Freeza Push Start Battle of the Bands. All Freeza events are fully supervised, drug, alcohol and smoke-free.

Wednesdays 4pm–6pm (excluding School Holidays)
Decibels Youth Music Centre,  1st Floor, 23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir
Contact:  Dave Williams 8470 8003

ReZonate (Music Writing and Production program)

Learn to write and produce music using computer based software, with experienced mentors. Meet and collaborate with other young producers and artists, record your songs in an industry standard recording studio.  Hip-hop, electronic, singer/songwriter, DJ, dance styles all welcome.  Performance advice and opportunities.

Thursdays 4pm–7pm
Decibels Youth Music Centre,  1st Floor, 23 Edwardes Street Reservoir
Contact: Neil Robertson or Dave Williams 8470 8005

General Enquiries

For further information on all Decibels Youth Music programs, contact:
Neil Robertson, Team Leader - Studio, Music and Arts
Ph: 8470 8005

Engaging young adults aged 12-25 in the areas of health, recreation and arts, education and training, and advocacy and coordination is a key focus for us.

2012-2017 Darebin Youth Engagement Strategy

The Strategy highlights Council's key strategic directions over the next five years.

  • Council will deliver services to meet the needs of young people. Services will focus on 4 priority areas of: Health Promotion, Recreation and Arts, Education and Training and Information, Advocacy and Coordination.
  • Council will dedicate and attract resources to meet the needs of young people.
  • Council will increase our responses to young people through collaboration across Council departments and with our partner agencies.
  • Council will give young people a greater voice and advocate with strength.
  • Council will lead planning for young people.
Darebin Youth Engagement Strategy 2012-2017 - PDF
Darebin Youth Engagement Strategy Summary Poster – PDF

Further Information:
Youth Services Coordinator
Ph: 0425 818 590