Report an Animal Issue

If you have concerns about the welfare of an animal in your neighbourhood, please contact the RSPCA who can investigate failure to provide food, water, shelter or veterinary treatment.

Reports of animal cruelty can be made by phone or via the RSPCA website for complaints involving all kinds of animals.

Further Information:
Ph: (03) 9224 2222

Please report any injured domestic animals you discover in the neighbourhood to us, and you can report injured protected wildlife to Wildlife Victoria.

Domestic Animals
If you come across an injured domestic animal (eg rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs, hamsters, goats, sheep) you can contact us for assistance.

To address the issue quickly, we'll need your first name and a contact phone number (ideally a mobile number).

Further Information:
Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888

Protected Wildlife
For injured protected wildlife (eg possums, kangaroos, echidnas, bats, birds), please contact:

Wildlife Victoria
Ph: 1300 094 535 (24-hour service)

Barking dogs and noisy animals can be a nuisance. If you have an issue with a neighbour's noisy animal, speak to the owners first about a possible solution. A pet owner has the responsibility to ensure that their animal does not become a nuisance.

Noise will only be considered a nuisance if it is persistent and disrupts your peace, comfort or convenience. Council can give the owner advice on how to fix the problem.

Dogs, by their very nature bark some possible reasons may be from:

  • Boredom
  • Lack of exercise
  • Neighbourhood cats
  • Birds
  • Anything that moves

If the problem persists, then contact us for advice.We may ask you to keep records to show how often and how long the nuisance has continued on for.

Further Information
Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888

If you have found an animal wandering your neighbourhood, or need advice on what to do about your neighbour's dog or cat entering your property contact us for advice.

If you cannot locate the owner of a dog or cat walking around your neighbourhood, please contact us.

Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888

Dogs and cats on your property
If a dog or cat enters your property without your permission on more than one occasion you can contact us for advice. Talk to the owner of the animal first, and explain your concerns, and allow the owner the chance to fix the problem.

Keep your gates, doors and windows secure to eliminate opportunities for the wandering animal. Don't leave food outside that might attract other people's pets.

Use products that are designed to keep animals away - seek advice from your local pet shop or nursery.

Further Information:
Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888

In order to make a complaint about a dog or cat's behaviour, the problem must be persistent and unreasonable. You can usually resolve the issue by talking directly with your neighbour first.

In order to make a complaint about a dog or cat's behaviour, the problem must be persistent and unreasonable.

Dealing with your neighbour

Minor disagreements about your neighbours' pets are usually better to resolve with your neighbour by yourself.
  • Be reasonable about animal behaviour - all cats like to wander, and all dogs will bark sometimes.
  • Don't be too quick to react, wait and see if the problem continues repeatedly.
  • Discuss your concerns with your neighbour in a friendly way. Many owners don't realise their pet is being a nuisance to others.
  • Try to find a solution that suits both of you.
  • The solution might take time to see the benefits, it takes time to train an animal.

To lodge a complaint about a noisy animal in your neighbourhood you must first demonstrate that you have:

  • Spoken with your neighbour and tried to resolve the problem with them.
  • Be prepared to give your name and address, particularly if you'd like to follow up on the issue
  • Identified other immediate neighbour(s) that are also affected by the noise and are willing to support your claim, (this may also involve attending court to give evidence).

    Attempted to resolve the issue through an independent party like the Dispute Settlement Centre of Victoria.

Lodging  a Barking Dog Complaint with Council
  1. Refer to the Barking Dog Complaint Information Pack
  2. Inform the pet owner about the issue with their animal
  3. Complete the Barking Dog Diary and Noise Nuisance Complaint Form
  4. Submit the form by post or in-person at any Customer Service Centre.
  5. Second diary pack
  6. Third diary pack

 Postal Address:

Animal Management Unit

Darebin City Council

PO Box 91

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