Rubbish, Recycling and Cleaning

Food and Green Waste

You can reduce waste going to landfill by ordering a green waste recycling bin for your household. You’ll soon be able to use this bin to recycle your food waste.


Find your recycling collection days, what can and can't be recycled and how to get rid of items not accepted in your household recycling collection.

Hard Rubbish

This service will collect tyres, metals, mattresses, electronic waste and household goods. Items must be stacked separately on the nature strip as they may be collected on different days.

Resource Recovery Centre (Tip)

The resource recovery centre accepts a range of materials for recycling or safe disposal. The centre is also a permanent drop-off facility for hard to recycle items such as batteries, light globes and paint.

Illegal Dumping

Illegal rubbish dumping is the disposal of any waste in an area where it is not permitted including shopping trolleys, abandoned cars, and general rubbish.

Clean Streets

Street sweeping trucks clean our streets every 6 weeks; fallen trees or branches can be reported for cleaning; and if graffiti is an issue in your neighbourhood get in touch.