Illegal Dumping

Reporting Dumped Rubbish

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Have you spotted any dumped rubbish on the road, in a park, or on Council land? If so, please report the issue to us so we can investigate it further.

Rubbish that has been dumped on the roadside or in parks or reserves can be reported for investigation to us by phone 8470 8888 or online using the customer service portal.

Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888

Customer service portal


Fines may be issued for failing to comply with illegally dumped rubbish notices. There are heavy penalties for dumping rubbish, to a maximum of $8,000 if the matter is prosecuted in the Magistrates Court. Fine penalties are reviewed by the Victorian Government annually.

  • Litter and Burning Litter (including lit cigarette butts): $577 (e.g. cigarette butts)
  • Leaflets on Vehicles: $289
  • Bill Posting: $289
  • Skip Bins: $200
  • Require Person to Deposit Advertising Material: $$$
  • Unsecured Load: $289
  • Failure to Remove Disorderly Object/Thing: $1,732
  • Failure to Comply with Direction: $1,732
  • Aggravated littering: $8,000 in court

Abandoned Vehicles

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Abandoned and wrecked vehicles can be impounded, especially if they are causing an obstruction on a public road or reserve. Owners need to claim their vehicle within 7 days or the vehicles and contents can be sold, destroyed or donated.

Council can impound unregistered and abandoned cars, trucks, motorbikes, trailers, caravans and tractors (including contents) according to the Local Government Act (1989).

An Unregistered or Abandoned Vehicle Notice may be placed on a vehicle that is deemed abandoned, wrecked or causing obstruction (illegal or dangerously parked) on a public road or reserve (does not apply to private property). The notice advises the owner to remove the vehicle from the street immediately or the vehicle will be impounded.

Fees and Fines
An impound fee of $318 (and a storage fee may apply) applies to owners claiming their impounded vehicle. A fine may also be issued to the last registered owner.

Unclaimed Vehicles
Owners must claim their vehicle within 7 days from the date of impoundment. Vehicles that are unclaimed will be sold, destroyed or donated (including their contents) in order to recoup Council’s costs.

Further Information
Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888 

Abandoned Shopping Trolleys

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If you find an abandoned trolley in your area please report it to the relevant abandoned trolley hotline.

Trolley Tracker
For abandoned trolleys from Woolworths, Target, Masters, Big W or Dan Murphy’s:

  • Report online at
  • Phone 1800 641 497.
  • Get the Trolley Tracker App for iPhone or Android. 

1800 Trolley
For abandoned trolleys from Coles, Kmart, Target, Bunnings or Officeworks:

Trolleys that don't belong to any of the above retailers, or trolleys that contain dumped rubbish should be reported to Customer Service on 8470 8888.



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If you noticed illegally dumped asbestos on Council roads, footpaths, right of ways, parks or reserves please report it to us immediately. Heavy fines will apply for illegally dumpers of asbestos material.

Asbestos was used due its resistance to heat, fire, water and chemicals as well as its affordability up to the mid 1980's. 

Illegally dumping of asbestos is a substantial hazard to residents, it becomes a health risk when asbestos fibres are released into the air and breathed in. If asbestos is disturbed it can release dangerous fine particles of dust containing asbestos fibres.

Visit Asbestos Victoria for all you need to know about asbestos and a listing of licensed removalists.

Further Information
Customer Service
Ph: 8470 8888