Plan an Event


Are you planning event on Council property in Darebin? Or are you planning an event anywhere in Darebin that involves liquor licencing, large temporary structures, fireworks or closing a road? Whatever the size and nature of your event, they all require coordination of common elements such as planning, safety, insurance and so on. Council’s Festivals & Events team are here to help!

For more information, contact a Festival & Event Officer on 8470 8593 or email

Access Enabled Events
A guide to help event managers and committees plan and manage successful, accessible events and to guide them through the necessary steps to ensure the event is accessible. 

Free Bike Parking Hire for Community Events
We offer free bike parking hire for schools and organisations in Darebin to use at local events. The attractive 'flat raq' bike rack provides parking for up to 10 bikes. It is portable, easily fits into the back of a car and is easy to set up and pack down. It is great for encouraging visitors to ride to your event. Contact our Sustainable Transport Officer on 8470 8683 for details.

Bin Cap Loan
It is important for all events to consider the impact their event will have on the environment. Bin caps are an effective way of ensuring that waste is disposed of in the correct manner.

Advertising Signs in Darebin Parks
Advertising signs play a major role in promoting community events within the City of Darebin. Policies and Guidelines have been established by council to ensure the best result when advertising your event. Community groups and organisations must apply for a temporary permit to display signs in allocated parks across the City of Darebin.