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Draft Council Plan 2017-2021 and Action Plan 2017/2018

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We are seeking feedback on our draft Council Plan 2017-2021 and draft Action Plan for 2017/2018 through a process of public exhibition. The Council Plan includes the vision, mission and goals for the four-year council term, while the Action Plan shows how the goals of the Council Plan will be reached.

The Plan considers the challenges our city and community face now, and the emerging issues that will become more significant challenges in the future. The Plan shows how we will manage rapid population growth and increasing traffic congestion by advocating for better public transport, roads, safer cycling and pedestrian infrastructure. Other focus areas explain how we will tackle the affordable housing crisis and support the most vulnerable people in our diverse community.

The commitments contained in the draft Plan respond to feedback gathered through an extensive consultative process and analysis of data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics and other sources.

You can download a copy of the proposed Draft Council Plan  or Draft Action Plan or view it in hard copy at:

  • Preston Customer Service Centre, 274 Gower Street, Preston
  • Reservoir Community and Learning Centre, 23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir
  • Northcote Customer Service Centre, 32-38 Separation Street, Northcote

Have your say

On Thursday 25 May, between 3.30pm-6.30pm in the Shire Hall, 286 Gower Street, Preston, the Draft Council Plan and Action Plan will be available for feedback. Come along and chat to a council officer to give your feedback. 

You can also complete the Council Plan and Action Plan Feedback Form to give us your ideas about the draft Council Plan and Action Plan. If you wish, you can also choose to make a short 5 minute presentation to Council on 15 June 2017.

If you don't wish to use the Council Plan and Action Plan Feedback Form, you can lodge a submission by emailing or send it by post to:

Director Civic Governance and Compliance
City of Darebin
PO Box 91
Preston VIC 3072

Submissions close at midnight on Thursday 8 June 2017.

Proposed Budget 2017/2018

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We are seeking feedback on our 2017/2018 Proposed Budget through a process of public exhibition. The proposed budget outlines the financial resources we need to deliver over 100 services that we provide to the community. It also outlines proposed funding allocations for our capital works program and operating projects.

The budget strives to maintain a critical balance between costs, quality, and value to our ratepayers. 

The proposed budget proposes a rate increase of 2.0 per cent. This is in line with the Victorian Government’s new Fair Go Rates System which has capped rates increases by Victorian councils to the forecast movement of 2.0 per cent in the Consumer Price Index (CPI).
In this second year of rate capping, we are proud to present a budget that maintains our current service levels without the need to apply for an exemption to the rate cap. We have achieved this by working together to approach the budget with balance, fairness and operational efficiency in mind.

You can download a copy of the Proposed Budget or view it in hard copy at

  • Preston Customer Service Centre, 274 Gower Street, Preston
  • Reservoir Community and Learning Centre, 23 Edwardes Street, Reservoir
  • Northcote Customer Service Centre, 32-38 Separation Street, Northcote

Proposed Budget 2017/2018 Highlights

Darebin continues to expand the community facilities and services available to meet local needs.

  • Building better sports and recreational facilities, including a new multi sports stadium to provide more opportunities for women and girls and redeveloping the Northcote Aquatic Centre ($9.11M).
  • Investing more in local parks and green open spaces including the Edwardes Lake Park Boat House, Penders Park, playground improvements and developing a master plan for Mayer Park and Northcote Golf Course ($3.00M).
  • Planting more trees to increase canopy cover across Darebin ($0.43M).
  • Fast tracking improvements to school crossings, walking and cycling paths to ensure safer trips to school and work ($8.72M).
  • Providing more support for local community organisations including sporting clubs and multicultural organisations ($2.14M).
  • Delivering aged care and disability services and support ($15.76M).
  • Ensuring local arts and culture continues to thrive, including reinvigorating Darebin Arts and Entertainment Centre ($5.78M).
  • Enhancing democratic participation through a Citizen’s Jury.

These are just some of the highlights in a well-rounded budget that covers the full spectrum of our service to the community.

Have your say

Submission can be emailed to or sent by post to

Chief Financial Officer
City of Darebin
PO Box 91
Preston VIC 3072

Submissions close at midnight on Thursday 8 June 2017.

Council will consider any written submissions on the proposed budget at a Special Committee Meeting on Thursday 15 June 2017 in the Council Chamber commencing at 7:30pm.

Information Sessions

  • Tuesday 16 May 2017   10.00am | Darebin Civic Centre 350 High Street, Preston
  • Thursday 18 May 2017    6.30pm | Darebin Civic Centre 350 High Street, Preston

Further Information
Allan Cochrane
Chief Financial Officer
Ph: 8470 8619

Darebin Intercultural Centre Review

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We are keen for residents to have their say on the Darebin Intercultural Centre as part of our review to ensure the centre, and its work, meet the needs and expectations of our community.

Located at the former Preston Courthouse, the Centre was established in 2011 to provide a dedicated space for intercultural relations and community development. It's a reflection of our commitment to foster cultural diversity, intercultural dialogue and connectedness between Darebin's diverse cultural groups.

The Centre hosts a number of events each month including cultural celebrations, workshops, film days, forums, and panel discussions. It also has meeting rooms available for hire for community groups - with conference style facilities including WIFI, data projectors and a community kitchen space.

One of the most important roles of the Centre is to support community harmony by providing opportunities for residents from all different backgrounds to meet up and participate in activities that strengthen their understanding and appreciation of each other's cultures.

We'd love to hear your feedback on the Intercultural Centre, so you're encouraged to complete the Intercultural Centre Survey or call 8470 8440 to have your say before 31 May.

The Darebin Intercultural Centre is located at 59a Roseberry Avenue, Preston. All are welcome.

Road Management Plan

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Take a look at, and have your say, on our Road Management Plan 2017!

We are reviewing our Road Management Plan. The review which is undertaken every four years, ensures the standards and priorities given to road inspections, maintenance and repair are efficient and appropriate for use by the community.

The Road Management Plan (RMP) outlines Council’s responsibilities to ensure that roads and footpath are safe, it includes;

  • the management system put in place by Council to inspect, maintain and repair the public roads for which it is responsible
  • a description of those assets on public roads for which Council is responsible
  • the standard, or target condition, at which those assets will be maintained by Council

You can view the draft Road Management Plan here.

To have your say on the draft plan you can do the following, by 26 May 2017:

1. Go to Your Say Darebin and ask any questions you might have to better understand the Road Management Plan.
Your questions will be directly responded to by Hannah from Council.
You can also contact Hannah by email: or call 8470 8743.

2. Submit formal written feedback as part of the submission process by;
Post: Attention: Leigh Goullet, PO Box 91, Preston 3072

Anyone who has made a written submission can also request that they be heard in support of their submission.

Batman Conversations

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In the spirit of reconciliation with our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community, Council has resolved to consult with the community with support from the Traditional Owners of the land now known as Darebin (the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation) on renaming some places in Darebin, commencing with Batman Park in Northcote and the Federal electoral division of Batman.

Renaming Batman Park

With support from Wurundjeri Elders from the Wurundjeri Tribal Land Compensation and Cultural Heritage Council (‘Wurundjeri Council’) we held four community consultations to illuminate the many connections between the Aboriginal heritage and history of this area, and to hear the community’s feedback on the renaming.  

A comprehensive engagement and consultation process occurred from early July to early September to gauge the interest and openness of the community to the name change.

Opportunities to ‘have your say’ were extensively promoted across the municipality, including:

  • Council’s website and social media channels (Facebook and Twitter),
  • Darebin Community News,
  • Northcote and Preston Leader newspapers,
  • Koori Mail newspaper,
  • nearby train stations,
  • route 86 & 11 trams,
  • real estate boards in three sites including in Batman Park
  • 3KND radio.

We wish to thank everyone who took part in the consultation process and had their say on the renaming of Batman Park. 

The consultation

Hundreds of residents attended the four open community conversations in July and August to hear from four Wurundjeri Elders who spoke about the Park’s renaming to reflect the area’s Wurundjeri history and responded to questions from the audience.

Three new names were proposed by Council for consideration by the community.  These were Be Be Jern, Billibellary and Gumbri, all significant Elders in the Wurundjeri Tribe:

Be Be Jern is the person from whom all contemporary Wurundjeri families are descended. He was the father of William Barak and one of eight Wurundjeri leaders present at the signing of the Batman Treaty in 1835.    Be Be Jern was a Ngurungaeta, a tribal leader or head man. Ngurungaeta is a Woi wurrung word - the traditional language of the Wurundjeri people.

Billibellary was a Wurundjeri tribal leader present at the signing of the Batman treaty. He was a leading song-maker and an astute and diplomatic leader, negotiating with the colonial government to protect the Kulin clans from starvation brought on by the loss of lands and forced abandonment of their cultural practices and traditional way of life.

Gumbri, also known as Jessie Hunter, was a much loved and respected Wurundjeri Elder. Her name means ‘white dove’ in Woi wurrung.  She was the last girl born on the Coranderrk Aboriginal Reserve in Healesville and had a great passion for Wurundjeri people and Country with a special interest in bush foods and medicines.


Some key findings from the consultation process

A total of 354 surveys were received from community members between mid- July and the start of September 2016.  The findings indicated that there is significant community support for the renaming of Batman Park. 

Of the survey responses received:

  • 290 (82%) of respondents lived in the Darebin municipality and just over half (54%) lived in proximity to Batman Park (Northcote, Thornbury and Alphington).
  • 292 of all respondents (83%) supported a name change, 47 (13%) wanted the name to remain Batman Park and 15 (4%) had no particular preference.
  • Of the respondents who were supportive of a name change, 180 (62%) preferred the name Gumbri.  A further 72 (25%) preferred the name Billibellary and 40 (13%) preferred the name Be Be Jern.
  • 8% of respondents identified as Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander.  Over half (55%) of respondents were aged between 25 and 44 years while 30% of respondents were aged 45+ years and 15% were aged between 16 and 24 years.
  • The great majority of residents strongly reaffirmed the value of Batman Park to them.  Nearly 90% chose to comment on what is significant to them about the Park, reflecting the very high value and esteem placed on the Park by many residents.

Next Steps in the renaming of Batman Park 

Findings from the community consultations have now been reported to Darebin Council and to the Wurundjeri Council.

The Wurundjeri Council has given its support to the name change and affirmed the name Gumbri. Darebin Council is now undertaking the statutory process of renaming Batman Park. 

A Place Naming Committee will be formed to guide the statutory process.  Residents living in a 500 metre radius from Batman Park will receive formal notification of the change in name and may provide final feedback on the proposed name Gumbri Park.

An update on time lines will be provided shortly.


Renaming the Federal electoral division of Batman

Darebin Council will formally request a change to the name of the Batman electorate during the redistribution process of the Australian Electoral Commission.

Darebin Council has the support and endorsement of the Wurundjeri Council in making a submission.  The Wurundjeri Council has proposed 'Simon Wonga' as the new name.

Simon Wonga was an important Aboriginal leader, who became a Ngurungaeta or 'head man' of the Wurundjeri people in the mid-19th century, at a time when their future was uncertain. With his father he met John Batman in 1835; as an adult helped his people face the loss of their traditional way of life, and achieved his vision for an Aboriginal settlement at Coranderrk near Healesville.  To learn more about Simon Wonga, see the Victorian Aboriginal Honour Roll .

The redistribution process will commence in December 2017 to consider electoral boundaries and names in the State of Victoria.

Council’s request will be in the form of a written submission.  Any interested citizen, community group, or organisation is also able to make a submission.

A local advocacy group Rename Batman has recently formed to encourage community support for a change to the name of the Batman electorate. For more information, email the Rename Batman group at

More information on the AEC’s redistribution process including how to make a submission can be found on the AEC website

Darebin Council does not have the authority to change the name of the Batman electorate; the AEC has sole responsibility for this decision.

Receive Updates by email

To receive regular updates on both of these projects, please join our email list by emailing a request to

Further Information

If you have any comments, questions about the project or some information to share, please contact us.

Mandy Bathgate
Coordinator Equity & Diversity 
Ph: 8470 8365

Question and Submission Time

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Question and Submission Time is an opportunity for members of the public to ask questions of the Council at our fortnightly ordinary Council Meetings.

Members of the public can participate in ordinary Council meetings in two ways;

  • Ask questions for Council to answer during Question Time, or
  • Make a Comment or Submission prior to a specific item listed on the Agenda.


Shortly after the commencement of each ordinary Council meeting, up to 30 minutes will be allocated to enable the Chairperson to read out, and respond to, questions from the public, submitted either online or in person.

In accordance with the Darebin Governance Local Law, individuals are unable to ask more than two questions at the same meeting.

The Mayor, in the first instance, will read questions and provide responses to those submitted online, before taking questions from members in the gallery. Any question responded to verbally at the meeting, will not be responded to in writing. If a question cannot be answered at the meeting, or a question is taken on notice, a written response will be prepared and forwarded to the person raising the question. 

Questions that:

  • Relate to items that are listed on the Agenda; or
  • Relate to personnel matters, contractual matters or legal advice; or
  • Are aimed at embarrassing a councillor or a member of council staff or is political in nature,

will not be responded to.


Members of the public may request the opportunity to make a comment or submission on a specific matter listed on the Agenda for a Council Meeting, with up to 2 minutes being provided per person prior to an item being debated. An extension of time may only be granted by the Chair.

People wishing to make a comment or submission to an agenda item are encouraged to register online or in person prior to the commencement of the meeting.

A person who is not able to stay at the meeting until the agenda item is heard, may read their comment or submission during Question Time.


Council encourages the early lodgement of Questions to enable preparation of a considered response, and early registration if you wish to make a comment or submission. This may be done in the following ways:

Electronic Lodgement

In Person Lodgement

  • At the Preston Customer Service Centre by 3pm on the day of the Council meeting;
  • By printing completed Questions and Submissions Form and delivering it to 274 Gower Street Preston, 3072 by 3pm on the day of the meeting; or
  • With a Council Officer between 5.45pm and 6pm on the day of the meeting at Council Chambers.

The lodgement of a question or registration to make a comment or submission should include the name, address and contact telephone number of the individual and, in the case of a submission, the agenda item to which he or she wishes to speak to. This will allow Council officers to follow up your question, if required, and to inform the Chairperson of any registered person wishing to make a comment or submission in relation to specific agenda items.

Residents do not need to attend the meeting for a question to be answered. Council meetings can be viewed at the Watch Council and Planning Committee meetings page.

The Agenda for each meeting is available for viewing on Council’s website at the Meeting Agendas and Minutes page by 5pm, up to 6 days prior to the date of the meeting. Copies are also available at Customer Service centres and libraries.

Contact Us

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Do you have a suggestion or comment you want to pass along to us about one of our services? Do you have feedback about your experience using this website?

If you want to have a say about our services or provide feedback on something else that concerns you, please use our Contact Us Form.

Alternatively, if you want to provide feedback on your experience using this website please let us know via the Website Survey.